Christopher John at Black Chair Records recording “Kneel to Rise” experiences with taking back his faith

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Orlando, FL – Black Chair Records is proud to introduce Christopher John. Currently in the studio recording his debut album “Kneel to Rise” Christopher John is showing the harder side of Christian Rock. After life knocking him down time and time again, he sings about how he overcame it and found God again. He covers everything from battling addiction and inner demons to loving his little girl.  

Anton Reed and Christopher John

Anton Reed directing Christopher John on set.

Singer, songwriter and rhythm guitarist Christopher John is the underbelly of the Christian Rock world. His story comes to the life with long time producer Anton Reed- recording and modern composer extraordinaire. Christopher John has been performing for over 15 years with a variety of musicians. For the last 6 years he has recorded two limited released albums “Bipolar Puppy” and “1000 Miles Away” with The Local Zero as lead vocals along side Anton Reed lead guitarist. 

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Christopher John Living Waters

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