WorkFlowy: Simple and Efficient

Do you have multiple projects going on at once? Do you want to keep all tasks in one place? Tired of all the other fluff? Then WorkFlowy is the App for you!  “It is the world’s best tool for taking notes and making lists.” –WorkFlowy Blog

Great for Public Relations and Freelancers

When working with multiple clients/ projects this app helps keep me on track. Each main bullet point is a grouping title. For each group, I have multiple clients. Each client has multiple projects. I can write a note to better describe what I need to do for the task or share it with members of my team.

Multiple Platforms

WorkFlowy is available for iPhone, iPad, iPod and also on the web. Online with the pro version you can choose from a few different themes besides having more fonts to choose from. I’m not sure how the app works on an iPad, but on an iPhone, you can click on the arrows to create list hierarchy. On the computer app, you can just use “tab” or “tab+shift”.

How to make it better

Colors! I’m all about colors; I like using highlighters when taking notes and would love to see this in apps as well.

Wish List Apps

Timekeeper: If I could get Klot for my iPhone that would make my day. I use Klot2 on my computer to keep track of my time and to make invoices. I’m not always home on my computer so a free app that keeps track of my time and adds it up using my hourly rate for each client and project would be ideal.

Blogging: I would love an app that when I type in a key word it pulls up information from companies and news agencies. This way I can have fresh first account sources to use.

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