Webinar Review: Triple your Conversation Rate with WordStream

March 6, 2014- WordStream launched and recorded Unbelievable Discoveries to Triple your Conversion Rate.  Speakers present were Larry Kim (@larrykim) founder and CTO of WordStream, Inc. and Mark Irvin (@MarkIrvine_) WordStream’s PPC Analyst.

When creating any website you want it to be successful and grow your business. internet marketers, web designers, and business owners to figure out ways to increase traffic, retention and conversion rates.

Mark Irvine goes into detail about the typical advice to optimize your landing page and how just changing your font type, spacing, button color and images doesn’t lead to a significant increase in conversions.

Optimization Fairy Tail

From Unbelievable Discoveries to TRIPLE Your CTR! [Webinar]

Three Ways to Change Landing Page:

How thinking outside the box leads to higher conversion rates.

  1. Change the Offer: research competition and be different. Offering a free report leads to more conversions than a trail use.
  2. Change the Flow: registration at the end of a form, quality landing pages over quantity, different path choices. You can create killer landing pages: with just one great landing page
  3. Re-marketing as a CRO Tool: target people who leave the page to turn them into conversions.

Need to get higher conversion rate on mobile devices? Create Mobile Ads with “call” button. Speaking to a live person is stronger than clicking a website.

WordStream conducts webinars on a variety of internet marketing topics and offers a number of products to help optimize your website. Free tools such as Keyword Tool and Keyword Grouper can be found on their site.


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